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Team & Movie

Team & Movie

This is Gedankenkraft.

That's us.

Travel with us to Bali, see the people behind our "Women of Bali" Project and feel the good vibes each bracelet is made with:



Susanne Kos (Founder of Gedankenkaft):

There is a quote that says , “what we think we become”. Our mind is far more powerful than we could possibly comprehend and I believe that this is true. Here is my story. The story of how Gedankenkraft came to be. Now in full bloom and as bright as ever, I am able to look back and see how far It has all come.

It all started with a thought. And this one thought has turned into a journey.

Starting in my home country, Austria, I found myself being pulled to Bali. In the beginning, it was just an idea, a spark of inspiration, one thought that grew into something beautiful. It took a few years, but eventually that single thought transformed my life. With time, I found myself on distant land traveling by ship with my family. It wasn't until 10 years later, did I return back to Austria. Carrying that one thought in my heart, along with many others.

Even though I carried faith in my thoughts ,the vision of owning my own ship in Indonesia seemed to be an unrealizable dream. Many smiled at the idea, but few encouraged it. Through the power of thought I discovered something precious in Bali, and my dream became reality - in the form of the MOANA, one of the most successful diving boats of the region.

It is my hope to give this magic that washed into my life, to you, in the form of thought bracelets. They are jewels, which can be carried constantly as a reminder that your thoughts carry power. These bracelets have a special meaning, each one carefully crafted with love. They are not only to bring happiness, and style, but also serve as a constant reminder that only we are the creators of our reality . In everyday life goals are often lost sight of ,but with the power of thought through these bracelets you can transform your life in ways you never imagined!

All love and strength for your thoughts!




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