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MOANA - Thoughts become reality

If you had a magic wand that would fulfil all your wishes – regardless of how impossible they seem...
what would you wish for?

In 2002 Susanne Kos was lying on a beautiful beach in Bali and had a very clear answer to this question: „It would be amazing to build your own ship to explore the islands of Indonesia with“. This thought stuck with her.

The strong belief that it would be possible to fulfil her wish, led Susanne further. At first it was simply a design on a sheet of paper, a very special 30-meter long Pinisi Schooner was created – this was the birth of the MOANA. 


With the thought of the MOANA in her backpack Susanne first returned to her home in Carinthia/Austria. Her idea to organise the building a ship in a foreign country, as a young woman, is ridiculed. Susanne doesn’t allow herself to be disconcerted by this.

The building of the MOANA begins in April 2003. The young 26-year old contractor is somewhat of a sensation for the workers. Susanne uses the time during which the boat is being built to learn Indonesian. This is a major advantage, not just on the ship-building yard, but also for later – at the end of the day a 30-meter long schooner needs a crew.

A few months later, in October 2003, the MOANA is put into water for the first time. In May 2004 it undertakes its maiden voyage. The MOANA is something special, the guests recognise this too – 10 years later it is still one of the best booked diving ships in the region. 

10 wonderful years on the ship and the island of Bali will follow before Susanne returns back to Austria.
Now she is living her next dream: Gedankenkraft jewellry.




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