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There is a quote that says , “what we think we become”. Our mind is far more powerful than we could possibly comprehend and I believe that this is true.

Here is my story.
The story of how Gedankenkraft came to be. Now in full bloom and as bright as ever, I am able to look back and see how far It has all come.

The power of thought is a constant companion on my journey
. And this journey has taken me from my home in Austria to Bali. In the beginning it was an idea, a vision, a thought. A few years later it was a new life in a far away land, a ship of my own, a family. The return to Austria 10 years later was also at first only a thought – a new life concept, which I then made happen a short time later.

I have taken something very valuable with me from Bali that I want to share with everyone. The belief in the power of thought. My vision to have my own ship in Indonesia at first seemed like an unrealistic dream, which was laughed at/ridiculed by many. But I didn’t discard my thoughts and the dream became reality – in the shape of the MOANA, meanwhile one of the most successful diving ships in the Komodo region.

I want to pass these thoughts on with the Gedankenkraft/Power or Thoughts bracelets. They are pieces of jewellery that can be worn the entire time/on a daily basis as a reminder of the power of one’s own thoughts. Of course there are already millions of different bracelets, but these bracelets have a particular meaning. They are not like a talisman that should bring luck; instead they are a constant reminder that we are the only creators of our own reality. In the stress of day-to-day living we often lose sight of our goals and are left with very little/hardly any time to think of our life’s dreams and unfulfilled desires.

Gedankenkraft- bracelets help us to actively keep sight of our desired goal.

With much love and energy for your thoughts! 

Susanne Kos


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