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Inspirational Words

What we think we create.
What we feel we attract.
What we imagine we become.

Here you find bracelets with inspirational words to lift thoughts up.

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  • Beloved


    Just feel beloved, how incredible!
  • Limitless


    Barriers hinder you reaching new possiblities- Life your life free fro...
  • Family


    Your family is your  "inner circle ," your center, there's nothin...
  • Hope


    May it live in each and every human. Hope has the power to ope...
  • Wanderlust


    The world is like a book, those who do not travel, read just the first...
  • I AM Beautiful

    I AM Beautiful

    Be who you are because others already exit. Everybody is unique and b...
  • Attentiveness


    Direct your attention to the present moment. With every brea...
  • Lucky child

    Lucky child

    Luck will always be on your side with this bracelet. How wonde...
  • Favorite daughter

    Favorite daughter

    Because every daughter is a gift to this earth. And your daugh...
  • Favorite human being

    Favorite human being

    We all have that one special person in our lives. Show them ho...
  • Darling


    For the one who holds the other half of your heart. Choose f...
  • Take time & let go

    Take time & let go

    Let go of what doesn't serve you and take time to let in what ...
  • Favorite Mother Bracelet

    Favorite Mother Bracelet

    Mothers are the real superheroes ;)
  • Namaste


    “Namaste” means honoring the divine light in all b...


    Every mother is a super mother.  Choose from 5 s...


    The first step to true happiness is gratitude. There is alwa...
  • OM Armband

    OM Armband

    OM - The on which the universe were build!
  • Favorite son

    Favorite son

    Because every son is a gift to this earth. And your son is a g...
  • Here and Now

    Here and Now

    Remind yourself that you are here and your time is now.  ...
  • Favorite Grandmother

    Favorite Grandmother

    This bracelet is for all the lovely grandmothers with goodadvice, admi...
  • Best Father

    Best Father

    For the world best father! This bracelet comes in a slightly...

Items 1 to 24 of 25 total

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